I thought about my pictures 20 years ago.
It is assumed that universality is substitution.
For example, light and the retina are equivalent.
The collision of the consciousness makes diffusion such as toy fireworks and a cocoon.
The purpose and the finish of the picture were another things.
oh, a strange photograph..

I appreciated "The collection of the Winterthur exhibition" held with Hyogo prefectural art museum.
The collection passed through Nabis from the Impressionists, and there was it to a writer of the surrealism.
And it introduced a Swiss concreteness picture.
After all it is "mail carrier /Joseph Roulin" of Gogh to have excelled others(1888).
The "The Awakening"(1951) of Henri Laurens is pretty, too.

When we did a class reunion of the training the other day, a classmate asked me a various question.
She studied art and literature.
She is a reader.
We had talk.
Time, philosophy, drama...
I handed the building books and the scenario of "the universal gravitation".
"At the age of a student, I wanted to do conversation like now more",
she said to me.
She is one in the finding employment "glacial epoch".